Toxicology Services

Post- Mortem Prison Toxicology Service

With a record level of prison deaths in 20161 and New Psychoactive Substances  (NPS) being commonly noted as a significant issue in prisons2 an appropriate toxicology service is essential.

Alere Forensics has developed a Post Mortem Toxicology Service targeted specifically at deaths in prison establishments. This new service encompasses one of the widest screens for drugs within the UK, with additional specific coverage of relevant NPS and traditional drugs of abuse and prescription drugs.

By setting case strategies, monitoring drug trends and being exposed to relevant casework, our knowledgeable, experienced and published Forensic Toxicologists and Forensic Analysts interrogate and interpret this more challenging case type to provide a service you can rely on.


To gain further information on, or discuss the Post-Mortem Prison Toxicology Service please email:


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