Toxicology Services

Forensic Toxicology

We use our wealth of toxicological expertise to support your investigations and provide a meaningful outcome by:

  • Analysing all types of biological samples for drugs and poisons; blood, urine, hair, vitreous humour, stomach contents, lung, brain, bile, muscle etc.
  • Undertaking one of the widest screens for toxic drugs and chemicals of any laboratory in the UK, through our accredited flexible scope method. This allows us to detect the presence of designer drugs and look for the drugs in the sample. We look closer™ to determine the full picture.
  • Having the ability to analyse for late eliminating glucuronide metabolites, which can extend the window of detection for some drugs.
  • Having the expertise to investigate suspected drug facilitated sexual assaults (DFSA) or 'spiked drinks'.
  • Ensuring a Duty Toxicologist is available throughout the working week to provide advice and technical support.

A Dedicated Coroner’s Service

We support a significant number of HM Coroners in the UK with their requirement to provide accurate answers to bereaved relatives.

We provide a dedicated single point of contact to HM Coroners to ensure our service evolves in line with their complex needs.

We continually strive to provide a high quality, timely, cost-effective and professional service dedicated to HM Coroners, as we understand the pressures of the Coronial System.

We pride ourselves on the strength of our working relationship with HM Coroners’ Officers and Pathologists, which facilitates the best outcomes.

Expertise You can Rely On

Our team of expert Toxicologists provide interpretative reports on all cases examined to provide our customers with a clear and relevant explanation of the toxic effects of compounds. We regularly provide evidence at Inquests and Court as an Expert Witness and our Toxicologists have been involved in many well publicised cases.