Toxicology Research

Toxicology Research

With the very latest equipment and experienced analytical Toxicologists, we are able to undertake a wide range of customer led research and development projects. These complement our own work to help increase the body of toxicology knowledge and offer our own scientists professional development.

We have partnerships with several major forensic science laboratories to undertake specialist toxicological analysis that only our Toxicologists can perform using our state of the art instrumentation and techniques.

We utilise high specification instrumentation, not normally associated with an operational toxicology laboratory and collaborate with major equipment manufacturers to provide a state of the art service. This includes time of flight mass spectrometry that can pinpoint specific toxic molecules or metabolites as well as high speed liquid chromatography. We can go further than any laboratory in the UK to ensure that casework is subjected to the most rigorous and highest level toxicological investigation.

The Professional’s Expert

Our research and development initiative is led by our Consultant Forensic Toxicologist with many years of toxicology experience. As one of three published Toxicologists in the company, we have an impressive and demonstrable track record of research capabilities.

Apart from published work our operational research and development mirrors customer led queries, such as determining potential poisons found at a crime scene, or active ingredient take up of topical pharmaceuticals. All research and development is undertaken under the strictest confidentiality.