Toxicology Training Courses

Toxicology Training

Years of academic study, training and exposure to a wide variety of case types are required to become a Senior Consultant Toxicologist. Your service can benefit from this experience and knowledge as we provide tailored training courses designed to share our knowledge with you.

The field of Toxicology is developing rapidly with new substances coming to light all of the time, our training packages are designed to keep you up to date.

Our impressive facilities in Malvern offer ample capacity to accommodate both laboratory and classroom training or we can bring our training courses to a location of your choice.

The majority of our training sessions are awarded CPD (continued professional development) points so you can demonstrate your commitment to refreshing and advancing your knowledge.

We work in partnership with several reputable instrument manufacturers, which allows us to support your training on the bench allowing you to explore novel toxicological techniques and new innovations that are launched to market. This way of working also allows us the access to the most appropriate analytical equipment for our casework.

Forensic Toxicology Awareness Course

This course is provided by Dr Simon Elliott and has been developed with support from the Association of Anatomical Pathology Technologists (AAPT). The content is suited to those with both a non-scientific and scientific background and by the end of the course, delegates will have furthered their understanding of Forensic Toxicology to:

  • Ensure the most meaningful case outcomes.
  • Understand the role toxicology has and how it is used to assist with current investigations.
  • Understand the most effective way to gain toxicological advice on future casework.
  • Be up to date with the current ‘designer drug’ environment they are working in.

Bespoke Training Courses

Our trainers are well versed in listening to our customers’ specific learning objectives and designing suitable courses to precisely match them. These can be delivered at our facility in Malvern or any UK or international venue.